Flower Crowns For All Occasions

Flower crowns have made a comeback!  I just love the look and the playful style it brings to any event; a flower girl skipping down the aisle with ribbons flowing in the breeze, a bachelorette party making a matching statement, finishing touch to your fur babies collar, or just lounging around in your sweats at home (don’t be ashamed, I’ve done this too). 

You can use a range of different flowers to get the perfect look you are going for.  If you are more the simple and elegant bride, I suggest a single line of spray roses.  White spray roses make for a beautiful look, but don’t forget spray roses come in a variety of colors, so match your color scheme if you please. 

Let’s say you and your girls are planning a night out on the town for your best friend’s bachelorette party, go wild and crazy with your crown!  Here is where you can have fun with your flowers; mix of colors and textures will do just the trick.  Add a few hot pink and orange spray roses, yellow daisies, pops of dark blue delphinium blooms, touches of bright green hypericum berries, and sprigs of ruscus shooting out from under the flowers.  This bright and colorful crown will make your bachelorette party stand out over the others. 

We all love your fur babies and want to include them in everything we do in life, so why not your wedding?  Add an adorable flower collar that matches your wedding colors and ta-da their look is complete!  Now for the hard part, getting them to sit and smile pretty for the pictures. 

If you’re like me and enjoy lounging around in your sweats at home but still want to look pretty, go for the simple daisy crown.  We can all pretend like we are attending cochella with our white daisy halo and dance around our living rooms. 

Whatever your plans are this weekend, attending a best friend’s wedding, going out with the girls, or just laying low and watching movies, don’t forget to you wear your flower crown with pride and have fun.

Heather MoseleyComment