Fairy Tale Romance

Fairy Tale Romance

Every fairy tale is brought together with love and romance.

Fairy Tale Romance

Meet this beautiful couple, Chelsea & Kyle Barker! My Fairy tale couple. This story is extra special to me because the bride and I go way back to Kindergarten.  I can remember surviving the Michigan winters at her parents’ house, being pulled behind the snowmobile laughing so hard our tummies would hurt, her momma making us hot cocoa to warm up.

Middle school consisted of awkward school dances and boys FINIALLY being included at our birthday parties. In high school we went on a few spring breaks together, causing NO trouble at all, promise 😉

Kyle and Chelsea first started dating when they were 14. I can remember Chelsea bursting into my parent’s house with the biggest smile on her face telling me she was in love with this boy!  She knew then that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.  Let me remind you we were in High School, so of course we all thought we would marry our high school sweet hearts.

Chelsea, however, knew in her heart that she found her soul mate, the person that made her laugh, feel special, worth fighting for, and enjoy great music with.

Kyle is one of the most genuine and kind-hearted people I have ever met.  Always making sure everyone is having a great time, bringing smiles and laughs to every party, and the first guy to include those sitting next to you at dinner in the conversation.

With every fairy tale there are your ups and downs, times apart, but in the end they both know in their heart they belong together and find their way back together. The happily ever after story.

When Chelsea first contacted me about doing their wedding I was so honored and excited to be a part of their special day.  She had no worries about how the day would go because she knew she would be with her best friend by the end of day.

The day was nothing but a fairy tale story with the location being at Royal Park Hotel and getting married in the beautifully glassed in conservatory.  A romantic water fountain in the background with trees lining the sides of the glass.

As they read their vows, in front of their closest friends and family, there was nothing but love, compassion and genuine excitement. 

Heidi, with Let It Be Photography, captured every detail of the romantic day beautifully. From the love between the bride and groom, to the love of their dog OJ who made a quick appearance as their best man.   

As they prepared to do their first look both the bride and groom were surrounded by family and close friends. Both were calm, relaxed and enjoying the day.  Chelsea was being pampered by her dear cousin Carly with Gilded Beauty, while Kyle enjoyed time with his father, brother and close friends.

Every fairy tale has the behind the scene coordinator that makes sure everything runs smoothly.  They make sure everything comes together just as the bride and groom dreamed it would. This fairy tale was honored to have Kate with Purple Clover Events and it was nothing short of perfect; from the setup of the small details of the reception, orchestrating the first look, to cutting the cake and speeches.

I am hopeless romantic at heart and with every fairy tale I never want to stop reading the story.  This night ended with lots of dancing, laughs and love and was the perfect ending to their dating life.  It was the most loving send off as their new story starts to unfold as husband and wife. 

Cheers to Happily Ever After Chelsea and Kyle!