Re-purposing Wedding Flowers

What do you do with Flowers after an Event?

When I started my business, I knew I wanted to donate the leftover flowers to a cause but didn't know where/what.  I knew of so many florists that donate them to retirement homes or hospice but that didn't excite me all that much. Sorry grandma, promise I’ll make you a bouquet out of mom’s garden!


After talking with a client of mine she suggested donating the flowers to shelters.


With that idea, I felt a calling.  I have always tried to be the friend that is a sounding board, looking for the positive and helping to make my friends feel as beautiful as I see them.  So, the idea of helping other women who need that reminder; that they are beautiful and that they are strong, that spoke to my heart.


I am excited to finally share the news


I have partnered with the Kalamazoo YWCA and will be donating leftover wedding flowers to their shelters!


What does that mean or look like?


A lot of weddings that I have are full weddings that include personals, ceremony pieces and reception centerpieces.  We will go back after all the wedding festivities are done and pick up all the flowers. 


Before, the flowers that I couldn’t hand out to wedding guests as they went on with their night, would get tossed.


Now, we will take the flower arrangements apart and arrange them into smaller vases and donate them to the YWCA. 


Flowers are said to brighten moods and lift spirits.  That is one reason I wanted to donate the flowers to women who have been struggling and have had a bad set of cards dealt.  I wanted to help give them a reason to smile and hope the beauty they see in the flowers they start to see in themselves. 


There is one more part to this amazing thing.  With every little arrangement we donate we send with it a hand written note.  Because a hand written note with all its little imperfections are more personal than a typed letter.  Each hand written note includes words of encouragement and strength.  


Our goal is to help these women feel strong, beautiful and empowered!  We want them to know that someone is thinking of them and believes in them.  We are on their side.


With the most recent styled shoot I was a part of, I decided to use that as my kick off to donating.  I asked the ladies of Venue3Two, which is where the styled shoot took place, if they would be interested in helping me write the notes of empowerment and arrange the little vases.  They were quick to say YES, since this concept aligns well with their mission.  


I cannot thank them enough for their help to kick this new chapter of Blushing Designs off.


I leave you with this mission.  Think of someone in your life that needs kind, loving words of empowerment and strength.  Write them a little note and either drop it off on their desk or send it in the mail.   No matter how strong we all are, we still need to be reminded that someone is thinking of us, cheering us on, and believe in our strength and beauty.


Cheers, Beautiful!