Cheers toNational Tequila Day


Sipping on Tequila

Cheers to National Tequila Day!

Cheers to National Tequila Day

One of my favorite holidays, National Tequila day!  By 10am I had already been contacted by four friends reminding me of the holiday… Only looking out for me of course. How did I become known as a tequila lover you ask?  Honestly, I’m not entirely sure.  I do remember when I first realized people considered me when they drank, saw, or even thought about tequila.

It was back in college and my parents were attending a party at a friend’s house.  Everyone was asked to bring their favorite alcohol, pretty standard right? I get a call from my Mom saying, “So I hear you love tequila!”  I was totally caught off guard because, still under twenty-one, who wants their parents knowing they love tequila? Apparently a friend from high school had been working at the party store when my mom stopped in.  She asked what type of alcohol she should take to the party and his response- “If you’re anything like your daughter, you’ll be getting tequila.”  Well thanks, throw me under the bus.  Turns out my whole family loves tequila, so she found it pretty entertaining.  THANK GOODNESS!

Our family has been visiting Mexico since I was in high school and I could probably blame that tradition for my love.  One year we visited a tequila bar in the heart of this little surf town in Sayulita, Mexico. It was there that my idea of tequila forever changed.  I found out that tequila could ACTUALLY taste good! It’s all in the way you sip it.  Just like wine, there is a certain way to sip tequila to release the aromas and taste the notes of oak.

-Step one, find 100% Agave Tequila.  I may be a little biased since visiting Mama Lucia Tequila Distillery in Nuevo Vallarta has become a tradition, but it is my favorite.
-Step two, DO NOT SHOOT IT!  You’re just wasting great tequila.  Just like wine, swirl the tequila in your glass releasing the aromas.  (Warning, it may take a few times of doing this for you to actually get used to the lovely scent of tequila. Depending on your past college experiences..)
-Next, breathe in through your nose and take a sip. Again, a sip NOT A SHOT!  This next part may be the hardest part of truly tasting tequila; swish the tequila around your mouth before swallowing.  This is when you can start to taste the different oaky notes of the barrel. I know you’re thinking…. Wait WHAT!! You want me to do what?!  That was my first response as well, but trust me! If it is true agave tequila you won’t want to waste it.
-Last step, once you swish the tequila around your mouth and swallow, breath out through your mouth.  There shouldn’t be any burn but instead a true oak taste and different notes of the agave plant.

And just like that, you have sipped tequila and found your new fond love for tequila! Ok, I know most of you are probably saying thanks but no thanks but you’ll be happy to know that you can use this technique, without the swishing part, to take the burn out of most shots.  You’re welcome!

The fact that I love to just sip on tequila and will order tequila on the rocks while out to dinner may be the reason my tequila loving reputation has continued but it has also become a tradition in our family. Every family has their bonding memories and moments.  Ours have just been over tequila.  It has become a tradition to celebrate any accomplishment or celebration with a cheer of tequila.  This includes birthdays, retirements, milestones in careers, riding your bike cross country, (aka Poppa Mose), or finishing any race.  Basically, any reason we can find to celebrate.  Just ask any one who knows the Moseley family.

Today, cheers to family traditions and loving tequila! 

Happy National Tequila Day All!