Let the flowers tell the love story

Let The Flowers Tell The Love Story

Every wedding tells a different story of love, passion, and laughter, that is what makes weddings so special.  We are all romantics at heart and watching a couple come together vowing to spend the rest of their lives together is a beautiful honor.

Sitting at their favorite brewery enjoying some good beer they start to relax and reveal more of their personality.  There’s always that initial awkward conversation but quickly they start to feel comfortable so they start spilling more of their love story and showing how they work together as a couple.

The bride has a bold, beautiful, and bubbly personality that can be overwhelming but the groom helps keep her grounded with his soft, genuine smile, and relaxed demeanor.  They balance each other out to create this beautiful love between them that is inspiring to see.

As the wedding florist it is my job to capture their personalities and the beauty of their love to bring it to life through the flowers.  Let the flowers help tell the story by capturing the bride’s bold personality, the groom’s soft demeanor, and the focal points of their love story: them.

Peonies, dahlias, or roses are the main focal points of the bouquet, supported by soft spray roses, ranunculus, and lisianthus.  Add to this the brides bold and fun personality by adding a deep colored calla or vibrant anemone. 

As every relationship is grounded and held together by a support system of family, friends, faith, and love; every bouquet is held together by the support of it greens.

Every love story is different and unique, let the flowers help tell your love story by capturing your personality, beauty, and love.