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Heather Moseley Owner

Hey, I'm Heather, cat mom, tequila lover, and always by the water.  I am so excited to meet you! I have worked in the flower industry for the past 12 years; what started as a part time job to get through high school and college, turned into a passion when living in Charleston, SC.  

I always loved working weddings while growing up, seeing all the hard work put into creating a vision and seeing it all come to life is always rewarding, but seeing the clients face light up when they see how everything came together is my favorite part. 

I moved down to Charleston, SC after college when I needed a change of scenery and let's be honest... the warmer weather, beaches and southern charm was just calling my name.  I found myself working at the most charming Flower Shop working in their wedding department.  That is where all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and I knew I had been doing what I love since I was 16... flowers.  Eventually the cool fall nights, white blanket winters, warm spring showers, not so hot summers, and family were calling my name.  I moved back to Michigan in chase of finding my dream job back home and doing more of what I love, weddings. 

Blushing Design blossomed when I was asked to be the florist for my best friend's wedding.  The happiness I felt in my heart the morning I woke up to design her flowers was like nothing I had ever felt.  Coffee in one hand, flowers in the other, favorite music blasting and the excitement to see her vision come to life, I knew then that I had found what I had been searching for since moving back to Michigan, and Blushing Design came to life.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your story to help bring your vision to life. 


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