Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive

But seriously, why are flowers so expensive?! There is a lot that goes into your wedding flowers that you might not see but should know is there.  


Here are 3 things that go into the price of your wedding flowers:

1.       The local growers (All over the world)

2.       Wholesalers

3.       Designing


Local growers are located all over the world, like Ecuador, Holland and California.  There is so much hard work that they put into growing the blooms that go into your bouquets.  From putting the seeds into the ground and tending to them until they sprout. Then there’s keeping them alive through drought, never ending rain, and bugs.  


Seriously, there is so much work that goes into growing flowers.  If you can, go visit a local gardener in your area and just see how much work, sweat and tears they put into growing each floral bloom, then you’ll start to understand the price.

I have never been good at gardening, that’s why I leave it up to the pros, but I visited the FirstFruit Garden (@firstfruitgardens) in Mattawan, Michigan and Farmers Bloom (@farmersbloom) in Kalamazoo, Michigan and, holy wow, gained so much respect for what they do.


So the price of your flowers will start with the flowers coming from the local growers.  However, depending on where you live you may not be able to get all your flowers locally or depending on the season a local grower is out of the question.  That is when we have to source flowers from the wholesalers. 


The wholesalers are where we get the bulk of our flowers that go into your bouquets and let us still do arrangements during the off season.  The wholesaler will source the flowers from all over the world that are shipped in by air then trucked into warehouses.


Once we create a recipe for your bouquet, we will create a master list of all the flowers we need.  We will send that list to our wholesaler and they will find all the flowers from the growers for us.  So there is a long process and hard work that goes into receiving your flowers before we even start designing your bouquet.


The last big thing that goes into the cost of your wedding flowers is the designing part.  Aside from the time taken for the consultation, creating your proposal, forming recipes for each bouquet and arrangements, then ordering the flowers; there is the labor in designing each bouquet. 


We, your wedding florist, take so much care for your flowers, making sure everything comes in the correct colors, nothing is damaged, and there is the correct amount of everything. We also stress over everything because like you, we want your wedding flowers to be perfect. We understand how important this day is to you and we want everything to be perfect and beautiful.


I hope this helps answer some question about why wedding flowers are so expensive. There is a lot that goes into your wedding flowers and a lot of hands and hard work to make sure each bloom is beautiful.  We care just as much as you do about your weddings and want nothing but the best for you.

If you want to see a price breakdown for each every item you could include in your wedding check out my pricing page. You can get a rough idea of what to your wedding flowers will cost.